Detention Pond Service

Trained and experienced in many aspects of erosion control items



Overgrowth of trees, weeds and other vegetation can cause improper drainage in storm water basins. Without proper and regular maintenance, the result could lead to serious fines. When rainwater is not properly directed and controlled, it can result in drainage problems, pond failure and costly erosion issues.

Most drainage problems caused by overgrowth of vegetation will start as a small issue, but can quickly become major concerns if not properly addressed. With our trained staff and specialized equipment, Land Power can handle mowing your slopes and detention / retention ponds, correct problems and improve the overall appearance of the property.


  • Brush clearing and vegetative management to comply with County and State regulations
  • Promote water quality standards and maintain pre-development runoff characteristics of the area
  • Trained inspectors ensure ponds flow properly and vegetation meets engineering standards
  • Comprehensive maintenance and inspection services
  • Commercial properties, industrial facilities, multi-unit residential developments, homeowners associations, and property management firms
  • Experienced in hydro seeding and all aspects of erosion control BMPs