Erosion Control

Trained and experienced in many aspects of erosion control items



Silt Fence Installation

"Keeping dirt in its place!" Soil protection begins with the most important part of a new construction project with disturbed earth. Correct installation of silt fence is critical to staying in compliance with County, State, and Federal guidelines and laws. Whether the specification requires commercial grade or DOT grade materials, we have you covered.


Hydro Seeding

We are trained and experienced in proper preparation and hydro seeding for many different types of grasses and vegetation. We use a variety of materials custom tailored to the soil type and terrain. Permanent and temporary seeding for commercial and residential clients.


Erosion Control Blanket

You can trust Land Power, LLC for utilizing a variety of soil protection products from temporary vegetative blanket to permanent turf reinforcement matting. These require application knowledge and correct installation techniques.